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Stupid IMs

That make your head go splodey

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Have you ever talked to someone and you felt like your brain was going to go boom? Your heart hurts. for humanity. Your trigger finger itches. Headdesk repeatedly. That is what it means for your head to go splodey. There's someone so stupid and idiotic that you miss natural selection. And think the internet requires an IQ test.

Now, instead of automatically blocking them when you realize their severe lack of intelligence, or do you make chit chat for the amusement of yourself and your LJ friends? If you do, this is the community for you!

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All posts are moderated. Basically so we don't have to deal with trolls, or stupid people infaltrating a community created for the mocking of said people. Plus if it just isn't funny, I won't post it.

If you want to IM someone that has been posted about, feel free. But do NOT mention this community to them. I don't need that kind of hassle.

Contrary to the name, this doens't have to be just IMs. I WANTED the name head_splodey, but it was taken so I added the IM part. But a post can be a conversation you had, or overheard or whatever. Have fun with your mocking.

If you would like to promote in your personal journal, that would be lovely. The more the merrier.

Rules are subject to change. Will post about it if it happens.

No harrasing fellow members. No being a dipshit. Use common sense.